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My Wacky World of Links!

Hello, below you will find links to many great websites.
I naturally don't take responsibility for the content on these websites, but I do find them interesting.As Always, I am constantly adding links, so check often.

Simply the Best Shows ever made!!!

Jewish Links

The Samaritans: No these are not those Christians who stole the samaritan name for their own lame benefit. If you read the Tanakh you know the Samaritans are a remnant of the lost tribes of Israel, they worship on Mt. Gerizim. The tragedy is that there are only around 650 left in the world. Go to this website and learn about these people, while we still can.

The Society for Humanistic Judaism: This society is one that I completely respect, I also completely agree with their statement regarding who is a Jew. They are Non-theistic, but they believe that any Jew is more than welcome in their synagogues, Theist or Not. To them Judaism is an expression of Humanity, pure and simple, anyone who wants to be with them is with them. Acceptance is the name of their game.

The Chabad Lubavitch: A Talmud filled group of Ultra Orthodox Jews, good source of Information on Torah and Talmud, but Don't take everything they say too seriously, they can be over the top at times.

Autocephalous(Independent) Catholic Churches with Apostolic Succession.

I don't necessarily agree with the theology, liturgical practices, disciplinary practices or actions of the many churches, ministries and clergy this website links to.

Guide to independent Catholic Churches: The one stop shop for all your indy Catholic Links!
Go to this site for a more than exaustive list of all the Independent Catholic churches with Legit apostolic succession.

Pages related to Voodoo

Mami Wata: A great site about Voodoo with an emphasis on the African aspect of the Faith.

True Culture based religions, not this Fluffy New Age Sh*t!

The Asatru Alliance: These practicioners of the ancient Norse Heathen religion know their sh*t! This is the first group I ever came upon in the study of Odinism, and their help was immense. Listen to them if you desire to know about the Aesir(Norse Gods)

Websites revealing the true stupidity of the Fluffy New Age Movement.

Why Wiccans Suck is not for everyone, and just to clarify it is not bashing the Religion of Wicca, just the new crop of Lunatics that have crawled out of the Crystal crunching New Age Movement!

Keep Wicca Traditional:A site supporting the traditional aspects of Wicca, Real Wicca.

Weird...well actually STUPID "Torah-Based" Zealots

Orthodox "Cushite" Hebrews: Okay, this guy is just something else...
He hates all "Euro-gentiles" as he calls them, and uses his profound LACK of proper biblical knowledge to put forth many Anti-White(European) and Anti-anyone who doesn't think all White people are really that bad statements.
I have spoken with this Fruitfly many times, and when I do bring up strong Biblical facts to refute his shady claims, he goes to the traditional "You White Devil" defense.
So please, by all means, read his site, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.
Oh yes, before I forget, I find it incredibly fascinating that one the one hand he is spouting his anti-white agenda, and on the other hand, all of his Judaic traditions he takes from what he calls "White Talmudists"(European Jews).
What a tool.....

Black Jews: This website is a bit more credible, however I found this site while browsing through the guestbook of the "Orthodox Cushite Hebrew" site.
The man behind this webpage seems impressed by our above named friend.
Oh well.....

The Macabre

Nico Claux; Cannibal, Murderer, Serial Killer, Artist: WOW where do I start, well, He is an artist, and a very good one. He has excellent tattoos, he has a LiveJournal account, and he has eaten human beings(he got the "beef" from the morgue he worked at), Murdered a man(shot him in the head), and served many, many years in a French Prison. This Parisian is very eccentric to say the least, but his LiveJournal is always interesting.

All about Nico Claux: A website, all the history of our above named Artist.

UFO Based Cults

Heavens Gate: The Suicide Cult that was responsible for people paying attention to the real danger of these cults.
Buzz cut headed and castrated, these repressed androgny have a lot on their mind.
I wonder why??

Official Raelian Religion Website: A Religion that teaches that we come from UFO's and that their leader "Rael" (who is really a Frenchman that failed at Show business and Motor Sport Racing) is the "sensual" leader of the world.
Rael also teaches others to be "sensual". How nice.
Let me ask, why do the aliens choose all the Ugly people to be the "Sensual leaders" what with him, and "Gabriel of Sedona", it is like that Twilight Zone episode, where pretty is ugly and ugly is pretty, oh well.

Aquarian Concepts Community: Now here is a Cult ran by a rather odd fellow who calls himself "Gabriel of Sedona", of course there compound is in Sedona, so his name is rather original, don't you think?
"Gabriel" or Tony as his mother named him, has convinced about 100 followers that he is going to be the leader of the planet Earth when the aliens come and destroy all non believers.
He also says that he "Channels" some great interplanetary spirit, and in order to do this he has to don a silver shimmering headband.
This Nut is a grade A lunatic, but Rich morons love him, so he was able to wrangle himself a comfortable living.
He also has two ladies at his beck and call, one who looks like she wears dentures, and the other is a teenager, I call that a healthy relationship, don't you?

Unarius Academy of Science: Okay, these folks believe that the Earth is some kind of Extra terrestrial Dumping ground, and that they must dress up in their "Home Planets" Natural clothing.
Hey, at least they don't practice castration, so I suppose they are up on Heaven's Gate.
They predicted Space ships landing on earth in 2001, but of course that didn't happen, sooooooo.....

One Light: A group of people who believe that they are in telepathic communication with beings who dwell in the the "Hollow" part of the Earth core,
You know, cause they believe that the earth is never mind.

Aetherius: Ok, well, another UFO and Human Evolution website...maybe I should just put more Voodoo sites on this page, God knows they make more sense.

Salvia Divinorum (Shepardess Herb) Websites
Sage A great site about the benefits of a little known Plant called Salvia Divinorum, they only legal, and POTENT Entheogen in America, A law was proposed to ban the Salvia in the same Schedule as Cannabis, but the Proposal never went through the Senate and was thus cancelled out when Senate went to recess.
The House Representitive that established the Proposal has said that he will resend the proposal soon.
Interesting, if that bill is passed you would have a law abiding citizen smoking a harmless plant one day, the next day, a "Dangerous Hop head" Possesing an illegal plant and destroying the country, does that sound familiar, it should they did the same damn thing with Pot.
The Evil Drug Was sure has their Propaganda machine really crankin'.

Salvia A web shop selling Salvia.
I have purchased Salvia many times, and their service is by far the best on the Internet, their prices are low, and they have super fast shipping, I get all my orders in Two days or less!!!!!