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This is simply unbelieveable!

Malachi York, otherwise known as the Jerry Curl Messiah
***UPDATE*** Since Writing this article, the Jerry Curl Messiah has been found GUILTY in a Georgia Court of Molesting countless children, He has been sentenced to multiple Life sentences, and is in appeals!

Malachi York is Founder and Grand Poobah of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.
The Nuwaubian movement is a black seperatist movement situated in Putnam county Georgia.
It's founder, Malachi York claims he is from the 19th planet of the 19th galaxy.
He believes that in the year 2003, 144,000 followers of his Nuwaubian cult will be wisked away on a space ship.
They Live on a compound and blend elements of Black seperatism, Egyptian Polytheism, Christianity and Islam.

Followers believe that Malachi, who claims to have over 8 seperate divine personalities, is the promised Messiah, and some go so far as to say that he is God.

The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors teach that the black man is the divine and the White man is the Devil(Well what else do you think they would say!?!?!.)
Starting back in the 70's as a Black Islamic Group, Malachi quickly began changing the names of his group as he changed theological ideas.
When he first came to Georgia, the whole group dressed like Indians(Which they still claim they are Indians from Egypt...don't ask me, I am sane.)
Eventually they adopted Egyptian garb and began to dispell that they were from Egypt and are the native inhabitants of America, with the true native americans being immigrants much like us White devils.

Recently Malachi York was arrested on over 100 counts of Child Molestation.
It seems like our proud, Alien-Indian-Islamic-Christian-Egyptian-African-Moor-Nuwaubian is having some problems.
Oh! Oh! Before I forget, He is also the Founder/Head/Creator of a local "Shriner" lodge in Georgia, claiming himself to be the Al-Mufti Divan.
Of course any Shriner with the true and proper credentials considers his "Lodge" a sham.
York responds with "I don't belong to no White mans Lodge", however the Prince Hall lodge, which is the prominent and elegant black lodge in America and overseas considers his Lodge a Sham, and they get quite pissed at any notion that York is connected to them, rightly so!

Here are some pictures of York and his Nuwaubian nation of Suckers!

York in his Indian gear!

Here are some images of the Nuwaubian community as a whole!

And below you will find my favorite picture, representing the True Malachi York and his Odd ideas, exposed for the pervert that he really is, here is the Picture of the Week!

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