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The Marian Oracle

You just might be suprised as to the simplicity of the Oracle.
There is no Magick, No Spells, no Incantations, because Our Lady is Above all of that.

The Oracle works thus;
To begin with, Write down three questions of deep desire and trouble, basically, three questions that are vexing you in a deep way, no matter what the question, write them down on a piece of paper and put out of sight.

You must have been wearing and still be wearing the Scapular.

In a sacred space you have set aside and dedicated to Mary(With the Novena Candle, the Two White Candles, Insence burner and Image set upon the space)
Follow the tradition of the Novena(listed in a previous page), and each day of the Novena after the lighting of the Novena candle say 5 decades of the rosary(one complete rosary).
You can then blow out the candle to save it for the next day, but don't worry, it takes a long, long time for a Novena candle to burn out, I am talking, a good couple of weeks. After the Rosary is recited then you will light the two white candles and say;
"It is you, O Mary, that I make these petitions to, It is you, O Mary, that I look to for guidance."

Then you light the Frankinsence and bless the image of Mary with the smoke.

These steps must be taken each day of the nine days of the Novena.

The Following Saturday(Mary's Day) after the Novena has been said, you must then make a Pilgrimage to a Forest, or an Established Marian Pilgrimage site with the paper you had written your questions on.
You must also bring an offering of three red Roses.

Place roses at your feet and signal to Mary in whatever way is confortable that your brought her a gift.
Then recite one complete Rosary(five decades), and during the recitation of the Rosary you will recieve the answers to the three questions you brought with you.
After reciting the Rosary be sure to thank Mary for her help, and procede to leave.

You will soon find the Novena petitions will be answered as well.
If one part of this oracle is omitted, then it will not work.

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