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In the Year 1930, in Ethiopia, land that houses the hidden Ark, Ras Tarari Makonnen was crowned the Lion of Judah, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.
Taking the name of Haile Selassie, the religion of Rastafarianism was born.

Following the Prophesy of Marcus Garvey, an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, as the beginning point of the Faith the Rastarfarians created a Religion centered around the the Liberation of the oppressed Black Minority in “White” Countries, and the creation of an independent African Nation with Haile Selassie as their soverign ruler.

The Rastafarian religion did not originate in Jamaica, as most people believe.
In Fact The Rastafarian religion originated in Ethiopia, and the theology went where there were a large poor black population.
Using the bible for guidence the Rastafarian will speak out against; oppression, poverty, etc.

Along with the basic belief in Haile Selassie as the Living God, they also hold that the White establishment, “Babylon”, as they call it, is the living embodiment of the devil.
They hold that they White God, is actually the Devil, that was spoke of in the Bible.
However, it is important to note that they do not consider White people the Devil, or Devils, they consider Whites to be Africans who have forgotten their roots, since they believe that Africa contained the garden of Eden, they believe that All man is from Africa, and thus, eligible for the benefits of the faith of Ras Tafari.
It is not uncommon to see a few White Rastas at Rasta gatherings.

Haile Selassie, it should be noted, was not a Rastafarian, he was a devout Orthodox Christian, and it can not be accurately recorded as to what he thought about the Rastafarian Movement, and it is even said that when a congregation of Rastas went to pay homage to Selassie, the guards at the Palace told them to go away.
This episode did not hinder the already strong faith of the Rastas, because after all, God is not supposed to know that he is the Living God, much like Jesus.

Upon hearing about the death of Haile Selassie, the Rastafarians would not accept it.
They simply believed that Selassie had moved to the Perfect Flesh, and now sits on the highest point of Mount Zion where He and the Empress Menen wait for the time of Judgement.
Marcus Garvey, in his life preached going “Back to Africa” to the Land of Ethiopia, where the Rastas believe that Paradise on Earth exists.
With this known, the Rastas soon adopted the colors of Red, Gold, and Green.
The colors stand for; Red for the Church and for the Rasta martyrs, Gold for the Wealth of the Land of Ethiopia, and Green for the Vegetation of Ethiopia.

Other symbols of the Rastafarian faith are the Keeping of a Beard, and Dreadlocks.
Despite the popular belief that All rastas keep dreadlocks, there is actually two types of Rastas; Those who keep the dreads,and those who don’t.
Eventually the Dreadlocked or "Dread" Rastas grew larger than the Non-Dread or "Pate" Rastas, and now you only find a very few Rastas who don’t keep dreadlocks.
The Beard in all actuality was the key and Original symbol for all Rastas.
As directed in Leviticus, the Rasta was not to cut their beard, but leave it to grow.
The beard, combined with the Dreadlocks brought about the appearance of a lion, and thus, growing closer to the Lion of Judah.

The Key sacrament of Rastafarianism is the use of Ganja, or “Herb”, which the Rastas believe is biblically directed to be smoked, ingested, worn,etc.
Rastas smoke large amounts of Herb in a celebration known as, Nyabingi, and they also use herb to cure various ailments.
Rastas believe that God, or Jah as he is known in Rastafarianism, gave man Ganja to get closer to Jah, and his living embodiment, Selassie.

**Interesting Point** In the teachings of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches the Desert and Church Fathers many times wrote about the Spiritual benefits of Cannabis(both Smoked and Ingested) which they called "Kanebosm". In leviticus, Kanebosm is also a key ingredient in the Temple Insence used by the Hebrew people, This "ingredient" however will not be found in the King James Version due to mistranslations in the text.

Women have little to do in the Rastafarian faith,
being needed for the Home, the Rastafarian woman spends her time outside of the Prophetic realm of the Rastafarian faith.

Bob Marley is considered Rastafaris most beloved son, being a member of the 10 tribes sect of Rastafarianism, Bob Marley is remembered in the Rastafarian world as being a Prophet, a messenger of Jah. Now you know a little about the fascinating Faith of Rastafarianism.


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