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The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Also known as the Heavenly Garment of Our Lady
Everyone, young and old should and can wear the Brown scapular, simply because it is a gift from our Heavenly Mother.
Our Lady Promised, "Whosoever Dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer Eternal Fire.
It shall be a sign of Peace and a Safeguard in Times of Danger."
The Scapular is a symbol of the covenant between Mankind and the Queen of Heaven and Earth.


Wearing the Scapular draws us closer to Mary in a spiritual connection.
The Scapular identifies us as belonging to her.
When we wear the brown scapular we are recipients of special graces from Our Blessed Mother, and because of such graces we are called to a new life of thinking and acting like Mary.

When we wear the scapular we become part of the Family of Carmel, we are assured of the continual assistance of Our Heavenly Mother as we Travel through this life.


When you first don the Scapular, If you are Catholic You must be enrolled by a Priest, Deacon, or Layman with the Indult to grant such enrollment.
This enrollment grants you membership in the Cofraternity or Mt. Carmel, and you become a Fourth Order Carmelite.
Only Baptized Catholics may join the Fourth Order of the Carmelites,
Non-Catholics are not allowed to be enrolled in the Cofraternity, but they are permitted to say a special Marian dedication prayer prior to putting on a Scapular that has been blessed by a priest, and as Mary said, "Anyone who dies wearing the scapular will not suffer the fires of Hell."

I also must add this;
There has been a question as to who is a Catholic and who is not, Catholic law is strict in this matter...
All persons Baptised by a Catholic Priest of Layperson is considered a Catholic, and no matter what their current religious affiliation, they remain catholic in the eyes of Mary the Mother of God and the Holy Roman Church.

So, yes, even if you practice paganism, you must be enrolled in the Cofraternity before wearing the scapular, to do this you must know a priest, Deacon, Brother, Nun, Or Layperson with the ability to enroll within the cofraternity.
If you are a practicing Catholic and you are not enrolled, your attempts at the Oracle will not work, and you will recieve no benefits from the wearing of the Scapular.


Good Question, and Yes it is an article of Clothing.
The Scapular is part of the Monks Habit, it is the cloth that covers the robes of the Monk, it is a long cloth with a hole in it for the head. The Traditional Scapular, which is worn by Clergy and Layperson is usually as wide as your shoulders, and goes down to your ankles(front and Back) and should be worn Outside your clothing.
The Modern small Scapular was created for Laypeople that could not wear the Traditional Scapular and as time progressed, the small Scapular became the more popular one, although there are those dedicated to Our Lady that wear the Traditional Scapular during pilgrimage to the Holy Sites of her Apparitions.

So when Catholics are enrolled into the cofraternity, you esentially become a Carmelite, part of the family of the Monks of Mt. Carmel, and the Scapular is your Habit(clothing worn by monks)


No, there are over 18 different forms of Scapular, and in this page, I only talked about the Scapular of Mt. Carmel, which was the first one given by our Lady.

Along with the Scapular of our Lady of Dolors, this is the only scapular that will work when working to activate the Oracle.

And One shouldn't even have to ask, but the Scapular, and all of Our Lady's gifts and requirements are for Men and Women. Now on to the Second most important part of Dedication to Our Lady, the Rosary.

The Holy Rosary