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Numbering 700,000 members world wide, the Yazidis are far from the small, radical sect of devotees that they are perceived to be.

Having elements of Zoroastrianism, Islam, Gnostic Christianity, Judaism, and Native Tribal beliefs,
the Yazidi, or “Dasin” as they call themselves,
have a unique and complicated belief System.

The Religious books of the Yazidi are the Book of Revelation and the Black Book, through which their combination of philosophies are demonstrated.


The Pantheon structure of Yazidi theology places Allah on top, however, he is only the creator deity, and he no longer is an acting force in the Universe.
The Acting forces are represented by Malak Ta’us and Shaykh Adii(Who they understand to be Caliph Yazid, thus the outside culture has labeled them “Yazidi”.)
According to their teachings Shaykh Adii is acting in cooperation with Malak Ta’us, the Peacock angel that has fallen into disgrace, but who eventually repents.
According to the Yazidi, Malak Ta’us filled 7 jars of tears through 7,000 years.
His tears were then used to extinguish the fires of hell.
Therefore according to the Yazidi hell does not exist anymore.
Along with Malak Ta’us and Shaykh Adii there are 6 other minor deities, which are praised.


Prayer according to the Yazidi must be performed away from non-Yazidis, twice a day, and facing the Sun.
Prayer is dedicated to Malak Ta’us, and they consider Saturday(the Jewish Sabbath) to also be a day of rest, but hold Wednesday as their central Holy Day.
In December a three day fast is performed.

Among other hidden rituals that are still concealed from non-Yazidi, they hold an annual pilgrimage to the tomb of Shaykh Adii, north of Mosul in Iraq, through 6 days in the latter part of August.
This particular Pilgrimage is the most important ritual of their Faith.
Key to this celebration is the bathing in the river, and the washing of figures of Malak Ta’us,
the lighting of hundreds of oil lamps at the tomb of Shaykh Adii and other saints,
offering special foods and the cooking of a sacrificed Ox as well as ecstatic songs, and dances performed by the priests.

Childhood baptism is also performed by a Shaykh, and circumcision of the foreskin is soon followed, but is not mandated.
Upon death the body is buried immediately with their hands crossed, facing the east.
Conversion to the Yazidi faith is possible, however, due to the certain laws in Islamic countries, conversions to non-Islamic religions are forbidden, thus to secure their community, the Yazidi adapted the new restrictions by forbidding conversions all together.
In the Past conversions to the Yazidi faith were common place.


The Yazidi have been given the reputation of being "Devil Worshippers".
This is due to the other name the Yazidi address Malak Ta’us with, Shaytan, the same as for Satan.
However, this does not mean that the Yazidi look upon Malak Ta’us as Satan in the christian sense,
they simply look upon him as one should look upon the true meaning of Satan.
The Adversary.

Interesting Facts

The Yazidi do not wear Navy Blue, this color is forbidden in their faith.
Also, the Yazidi do not eat Butterbeans or Lettuce, these are considered unclean and housing evil spirits.


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