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The Marian Oracle


Hello, By now you may be wondering what the Marian Oracle is?
Well, I can best explain the Oracle in a few short paragraphs, as it does not take extensive "Mystical Training" to reap the benefits of this Oracle.

I will also take this time to tell you all who this oracle is not for;
It is not for those who speak ill of Our Lady.
It is not for those who are not dedicated to our Lady.
It is not for those who do not say the Rosary.
It is not for those who do not wear the Scapular.
It is not for those who do not say Novenas to Our Lady.

Basically, If you are not devoted to Our Lady, this Oracle will not work, it will actually work against you, because you might "Read into" a supposed message that was never given in the first place.

It would be good of me to say, at this moment ,in order for this oracle to work you will need;
1 Rosary
1 Scapular
3 Red Roses
1 image of Our Lady
1 Novena candle of Our Lady or Mt. Carmel(or any Marian Image if you cannot find the Mt. Carmel Novena candle)
2 White candles
and finally, Frankinsence and an Insence burner(Charcoals, sand, etc.)

Once these materials are gathered(They can be found at any Catholic bookstore), you must follow the directions for activating the Oracle.
For the Next few pages, I am going to take the time to explain the reason that each article of devotion is needed.
Most Non-Catholics will not know what a Scapular, or Rosary is, or how to use it, these next few pages will take care of all of this.

Now suprising to most, except Catholics devoted to Mary, is that the Rosary and Scapular can be used by Non-Catholics, and even Non-Christians.
Mary has told that all Mankind can and should use these few relics of our Mother, and this will lead the world in a conversion toward the Marian precepts.

After all of these Relics are fully explained, you may then advance to the Final page where the way of the Oracle is established.

Wearing of the Scapular